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Are you ready to take your relationship with God to the next level? Do you want to know the power of Jesus to change your life? These curated resources are chosen to help you grow in your walk with God and experience supernatural transformation by the Holy Spirit.

Why Read the Bible?

reading the Bible

Four Dynamic Reasons To Read The Bible

You’ve probably heard that you should read the Bible. But why? In this episode, Marian sits down with a friend for coffee and shares four dynamic reasons to read the Bible.

Keys to Experiencing the Transformed Life

woman in white dress

Transformed by Truth

What is your identity? How do you see yourself? Do you believe you are loved or rejected? Do you believe your life has purpose or is pointless? In this article by Marian Jordan Ellis, she dives into the power of our thoughts to shape our lives.

the fruit of the spirit

The Fruit of the Spirit

According to the Bible, the fruit of the Spirit is evidence of our salvation and the proof that we are redeemed. Tune into this study of God’s Word and learn how to live the incredible Spirit-Filled Life. In this in-depth study of the Bible, Marian Jordan Ellis explains each fruit and how it is produced in our lives.

passport to freedom

The Passport to Freedom

Do you feel like your life is in bondage to shame, insecurity, anxiety, or an addiction? Jesus said He came to set the captives free. What is this state of freedom, and how does one enter into it? In this new series, Passport to Freedom by Marian Jordan Ellis, we dive into God’s Word and look at the primary way we experience freedom in Christ.