This Redeemed Life is passionate about the formation of book clubs for the purpose of community, discipleship, and encouragement among women. Below is a letter from our founder and president Marian Jordan Ellis.

Dear Redeemed Life,

I’m thrilled you’ve decided to lead a book club! I know this experience will be life changing for you and for the other women in your group. I so wish I could sit down with your group for coffee and laugh and cry as you walk through this season of life together.

I want to encourage you in the role you are taking on as a Book Club Leader. Friends, it was in a small group setting that my life was truly transformed. I was the girl “looking for love in all the wrong places” until I found myself in a Bible study with a few other women who showed me what it was like to know and follow Jesus. Small groups provide a place where women can be honest, transparent, and most importantly real. I pray that your book club will be a place where girls can discuss their hopes, heartbreaks, and find healing for their hurts.

All book clubs look different. Some consist of 4 participants and others 40. Some meet in coffee shops and classrooms, while others meet in living rooms, coffee shops, sorority houses, or residence halls.

If you are interested in leading a book club or want to encourage someone else to do so, you can get started by downloading a Leader Guide for the book you would like to use and visiting our book store.

Book Club Testimonies

  • Reading The List with a group helped us discuss things in our lives that we were all aware of but maybe afraid, nervous or embarrassed to talk about with other girls. Doing this book club together we realized, as young women, we’re all dealing with a lot of the same things, it was validating and encouraging.

    Sarah K
  • In The List, Marian candidly addresses issues all women can relate to. The small group questions in the back of the book lead to meaningful discussions. From the engaged, single, or married woman, whether in graduate school, settled into a career, or still searching, I got to know five women who, although we couldn’t be more different, all desire to pursue satisfaction in Christ alone.

    Sarah M.
  • I just now finished reading Sex and the City Uncovered. I am a huge sex and the city fan, and that is what enticed me to purchase your book in the first place. God has a funny way of doing things… it took me being sick to actually sit down and read your book. I loved it! I was able to relate to EVERYTHING that you wrote. It was like you wrote the book just for me. I had it read just after 2 days. I could not put it down. I just want to thank you for writing the book. It’s been a real eye opener! I know now that I am a treasure! Thank you!

  • I am in love with your new book, Wilderness Skills for Women! I thought the first book was SUPER amazing but this BLOWS IT OUT OF THE WATER! We started another book club in our sorority house and everyone is SOOOO excited. Everyone I have talked too seems to be going through wilderness times right now and this book is completely meeting a need in our chapter. Thanks Marian!

  • Your book, Wilderness Skills for Women, could not have come at a better time!

  • Thank you so much for everything you did for us at U.S.C.! I know that your book, Sex and the City Uncovered, changed my life, and I’m sure it will continue to change the lives of those who read it!


Book Club Leader’s Guides

Click on the images below to download each guide in PDF form.

In each Leader Guide, you will find tips for starting a successful book club, week-by-week instructions, group questions and discussion tips, as well as steps to sharing your faith in Jesus Christ. It is TRL’s desire that these guides are an aid for you as you lead other women through these books and encourage them with God’s truth.

Book Club Flyers

Lastly, here are links to download flyers for each book to spread the word about your bookclub!

Sex and the City Book Club Flyer

Wilderness Book Club Flyer

The List Book Club Flyer

Radiant Book Club Flyer

For His Glory, 


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