The Promises of God: Seek Me and Live

Each afternoon, when I check my mailbox, I grab the miscellaneous contents and immediately head to a trash can. Typically, my mail is filled with sales promotions and bills that are promptly tossed. But occasionally, checking the mail brings delight when I see an invitation sticking out of the pile. Invitations stand out because they are on pretty paper, hand-written, and I recognize the sender’s name on the envelope. So, while the rest of the mail gets trashed, invitations are opened, reviewed, and require a response.

The Bible is filled with invitations from God. An important one is Amos 5:4, where the Lord invites us to “Seek Him and live!” This invitation goes out, but only those who respond to it experience what Jesus calls the abundant life. To seek the Lord is much more than simply identifying as a Christian; seeking God’s face is a pursuit of the heart where we press into His presence, draw upon His power and grace, and ask the Lord for wisdom and direction for our lives.

Not only does God invite us to “seek Him and live,” but Scripture gives specific promises to those who respond to God’s divine invitation. 

  1. God rewards those who seek Him! (Hebrews 11:6)
  2. God never forsakes those who seek Him (Psalm 9:9)
  3. God delivers those who seek Him from all fear! (Psalm 34:4)

Whether you are facing a significant life decision, need God’s wisdom in a relationship, or need His grace to endure, the promise from God is “seek Him and live.” 

Today at This Redeemed Life, we released a brand new teaching from Marian Jordan Ellis on the Promises of God. Marian shares the benefits of seeking God and how we press into His presence. Watch this new series on YouTube and discover God’s incredible promises for those who seek Him! 

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